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Carolyn Swanson, Managing Member
of Passion Purveyors, LLC
, a distributor
of Lovely Foods and Green Goods.
There were occasions that her foodservice
customers wanted to know where product
was coming from and was it certified organic.

She explained that chefs and buyers alike
wanted verification. Could we put our
CartDarts thinking cap on towards a solution?

Here is what she had to say after we
applied our QR Code and website linking
system for her customers to verify her
produce as certified organic:

 “CartDarts is business therapy. You tell
the CartDarts Team what is going on
(wrong) with your business, they listen
and come up with a strategy, a brand
with a physical and online (even mobile!)
presence, copyright and trademark
protection – all for a reasonable flat rate
plus a small royalty relative to how
much you SELL.

In one instance alone, CartDarts tripled
our profit margins. Not our sales, but the
actual money we put in our pockets.
CartDarts is invaluable. You can trust
Loralee Lyman and the CartDarts program
to be fully vested in making you successful.”

Carolyn was recently honored with the
Salute to Small Business award for Best
Woman-Owned Business in Monterey County!

Managing Member of So Ono Food
Products, LLC, Uzor Nwoko
, testifies
that CartDarts® is an incredibly fast and
timely precise means of communicating
and interacting with consumers. With the
nature of Fresh Foods, the on time
comments are raw and fresh.
Be prepared to listen and hear - good
or bad.

Managing Member of So Ono Food
Products, LLC, Curtis Wheeler
, said
“We have received numerous compliments
on our new labels as being professional
and standing out on the shelf from the

Marketing & Customer Service
Supervisor of So Ono Food Products,
LLC, Jon J. Baron
“Working with Loralee and the CartDarts
team has been beneficial to So Ono Food
Products in more ways than one. Our new
logo which their team created, gave us
a new image that helped capture the
essence of what we wanted So Ono Food
Products to represent -- FRESHNESS.

The art-work that Loralee creates is very
impressive. The most recent project was
to create signage/banners for our instore
refrigerators. After installing the signs,
we saw a significant increase in sales.

We have also received numerous
compliments on our new product labels.
The eye-catching artwork and color
combinations have definitely helped to
make our products stand-out on the

The online “Customer Feedback” and
“Wholesale Inquiries,” that CartDarts offers
has been very positive for our business.
From the online surveys we are able to
improve our products and service from
the suggestions made by our customers.

We look forward to working with Loralee
and the CartDarts team, and are excited
to see the new ideas and suggestions they
have to help make So Ono Food Products
a household name in Hawaii.”



Warren H. Debnam, Former Co-Owner
of Green Glen
Produce Corporation
located in Hanover, Pennsylvania

"As a Food Service supplier of
"Fresh Value Added Produce," our
business was growing. As sales
increased we invested in packaging
machinery just to keep up.

We decided to purchase a unit with
the option to handle smaller Retail
size packages.

Our Food Service was a 'no thrills'
package, but to get a major retailer
to accept your product, you needed
a cutting edge package.

My first attempt was just that...
an attempt'.

A few months later while attending
a conference I had the pleasure on
listening to Loralee Lyman of Flipside
Design, just ten minutes into her
presentation, I knew this person held
the answer to creating a 'new look'
for our unknown company!

She had more ideas on merchandising
a product than I had ever imagined.
After 'wandering in the dessert' with
minimal buyer acceptance, I knew
this was the person who could give
us a new defining look.

The rest is history.Within a few months
in addition to new packaging, Flipside
also created other business and product
presentation information.

All of this was done in a reasonable
format, which allowed our company
to spend its marketing budget in a cost
effective manner.

Loralee's CartDarts® approach fit right
into our budget. After a while we were
starting to irritate our largest competitor.

Sometime later our company was acquired
by that rival. The transition was seamless
as Trademarks and Royalty Agreements
were extended to the new owner.

I can only express my gratitude to Loralee
Lyman as a person who really does
understand what is going on inside the
consumer's head and puts forth the effort
to achieve this in the best interest of the
client. If you are successful than she is
successful... a win-win situation!"


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